I received my B.F.A in Design/Technology in 2005 from Florida State University. My experience includes several Technical Director/Designer positions at smaller companies, related remodeling and home improvement work, as well as my current position of Assistant Technical Director and Scene Shop Manager at the UCF Theatre Department.

As ATD and Scene Shop Manager at UCF, I developed strong leadership and management skills. Some days, we would have over 30 students in the shop. Through careful planning and organization, I was able to not only keep all of the students working, but also take on advanced projects of my own. Working with unskilled labor presents its challenges, but also offers substantial rewards. Seeing the light click on when a student starts to understand is one of the most rewarding parts of being an educator.

I have an excellent working knowledge of a wide range of materials/equipment and various construction methods including basic wood to structural steel & aluminum. Other skills I will bring to your organization include, but are not limited to, MIG and stick welding, structural design, budgeting, automation, rigging, mold making & casting, and AutoCAD.


Technical Design Portfolio — http://www.yourprofolio.com/mikelayton